Additional Information

Other important notes for this weekend

  • Each venue will have a Field Marshal station for team check in, please take your Player ID cards to the field Marshal at least 45 min before the first game. 
  • We are accepting 2018-19 Player ID Cards. 
  • We will have match reports with your roster already printed for you at the field.  If you were not able to type in your roster on-line, please allow a little time to write in your player names at the field.  
  • If you are at a school venue (Marshall MS, Cabrillo HS, Bancroft MS, Downey HS) please let your parents know there are no dogs allowed at the school venues.  The public parks allow dogs.
  • Admiral Park – if you are playing here, there are NO chairs or pop-ups allowed due to turf field.  There is also a strict water only policy.
  • Molina Park – strict water only policy, no sports drinks or food due to turf.

Lastly – we will be collecting old soccer equipment (cleats, shin guards, uniforms, etc) that will be donated to under privileged children who love the game of soccer in El Salvador.  This is part of FC Long Beach’s partnership with Triad Fit Kids.